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Ready to make a lasting impact on your favorite stretch of the coast? Fill out the form below to become a beach adopter and steward the beauty of our shores.

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There are no minimum or maximum time committments.

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SOLVE's guidelines for participation highlight the importance of mutual respect and safety for one another and the environment. By participating with SOLVE as an event leader and adopter, you acknowledge and agree to follow the guidelines as you represent SOLVE as an organization. 

  1. Respect for SOLVE Resources & Guidance 

  • I recognize the importance of valuing and following the guidance of SOLVE staff to foster a positive and well-organized atmosphere at events I host through SOLVE. 

  • I will be transparent regarding what I plan to do with SOLVE supplies and resources. 

  • I will secure a permit or obtain permission before hosting an event and work with SOLVE as needed to support this process.  

  • I will enter results and upload liability waivers within 7-days following an event unless an alternative agreement is discussed with SOLVE staff.   

2. Respect for Non-Partisanship: 

  • I understand the necessity of refraining from expressing or promoting personal political beliefs, candidates, or causes during SOLVE events to maintain a non-partisan environment. 

  • I will not allow the sale or distribution of political or partisan materials, campaign literature, or merchandise to volunteers at my events. 

3. Safety Prioritization: 

  • I acknowledge that communicating the safety guidelines to volunteers at the start of each event is mandatory. 

  • I will promptly report any safety concerns to SOLVE via the incident report located in the Partner Portal, by email, or by phone depending on the level of urgency.  

  • I will not administer first aid or medical support in a safety or medical incident in which I do not have current certification, training, or comfort in administering and understand my decision to do so is not required by SOLVE. 

4. Respect for Fellow Volunteers: 

  • I understand that mutual respect among volunteers is crucial for a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere. 

  • I will avoid behaviors and words that may disrupt the positive experience for my fellow volunteers such as the use of profanity, racial or ethnic slurs, physical force, threats, or intimidation. 

  • I will be respectful of all people regardless of their age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or socio-economic background. 

5. Respect for the Community:  

  • I will communicate to volunteers the importance of leaving items untouched that may be someone’s personal belongings.  

  • I will treat people experiencing homelessness with dignity and maintain a respectful distance from active or abandoned homeless campsites. 

6. Environmental Stewardship: 

  • I will minimize ecological impact, practice proper waste disposal, and respect natural habitats. 

  • I will actively participate in efforts to enhance and preserve the environment.